Earn Cash as an Online Poker Affiliate

There are thousands of affiliate websites making serious money from online poker. This is how to set up an affiliate deal with a free poker money website.

Online poker has taken the world by storm over the past few years and there are a number of opportunities for regular people to earn a tidy sum as an online poker affiliate. There are several different types of poker affiliate programs and for various different promotions. This is how to become an affiliate for no deposit poker bonuses, also known as free poker money deals.

Finding a Free Poker Money Website to Promote

There are a number of reputable free poker money sites to become an affiliate for, but be sure to research the best affiliate programs to sign up for. While the biggest free bankroll sites out there, like PokerStars, bring in the most money they do not always spread the wealth as easy. There are those that pay a onetime payment for those referrals affiliates send a free bankroll site, however, the best ones are those that pay out lifetime commission on all players.

The next step is to determine what affiliate program pays in real cash rather than in points that can be turned in for cash. These affiliate point programs also limit how much an affiliate can make. For example, say an affiliate sends a free poker money site a referral and over a couple of months earns the full $200 payment available to be earn per referral, this can be very hard to achieve. The free money site will continue to earn money from that player while the affiliate will get nothing more than the initial payment.

PokerNews is an online community and free poker money site that does NOT do this. Their free poker money affiliates earn for the lifetime of the referral which can translate into thousands of dollars instead of a few hundred.

Setting Up the Affiliate Deal

Negotiate. That’s the name of the game. Signing up for affiliate programs are easy, but be willing to try to push up the commission percentage if possible. Most free poker money sites will be willing to negotiate an initial increase in commission as long as the traffic that is sent to them is valuable. It is important to back up the negotiation with results or the free bankroll site will drop the commission rates.

Once a deal is set up be patient once referrals start to be sent. The way these affiliate programs work is that affiliates only make money when the website makes money from the players. It can take several weeks or even a few months for referrals to complete deals that generate money. Affiliate programs are a numbers game. The top affiliate earners send directed, high raking players, but they also send a lot of referrals period. It can take hundreds of referrals before one high value player signs up.

They key is to find a site that will convert referrals over a number of markets. A site like PokerNews is great, but PokerStars converts players over a number of poker rooms. The free poker money and no deposit deals are just an excellent way to convert visitors into referrals for a website. Initial low earnings should not deter affiliates from potentially high future earnings. There’s just too much to earn.