Hot Lotto Lottery game is an alternative to the Powerball. The game is multi-state lottery jackpots. The game is offered in places like Idaho, Delaware, Kansas, Iowa, Montana, Minnesota, New Mexico, South Dakota, District of Columbia, West Virginia, Vermont, South Dakota, Oklahoma and New Hampshire.

The winning odd’s jackpot combination is better in the game when compared to the Powerball. The winning combinations in the Powerball game is about 1 in195 million whereas in the case of Hot Lotto Jackpot the winning combination is 1-11 million. This shows that the winning strategy in the single hot lotto game is about 17.7 times better than the single Powerball ticket.

Hot Lotto jackpot game begins at $1 million, it grows eventually if nobody wins the game. It is very common for the game to reach a level of $20 million, which is considered to be a good prize. Smaller level prizes are also available for the players to win during the game play. The odd winning combination for the 2nd prize is 1-607,000 and the prize amount is $10,000.

The odd winning combination for 3rd prize is 1-64,000 and the prize amount is $500. The prizes offered in the games are less when compared to other massive lottery games, but the chance of winning the game is much better in the hot lotto game. The game is played by the gamers to win something from the game even if it’s a small amount.